it was delivered yesterday, we put it up and couldn’t be happier, it went up really easy (we had it a bit tight initially & the magnets wouldn’t meet, easily fixed, just repositioned the tape quickly & loosened it a little) and works a treat.

Super Easy To Install, Premium Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Fly Screen Door

from only ₹2,500


(27 customer reviews)


DIY Magnetic Screen Door Features

  • Easy ‘no hands’ walk through open and automatic close
  • Durable and super sturdy mesh keeps all insects and bugs out
  • Super strong magnets.
  • No tools required for installation
  • Wide range of applications:- home kitchen, bedroom, offices, balcony, business stores
  • There are x14 set sizes to choose from – but each screen can be customized to fit your door:- watch the short video showing you how – click here
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Width (W) x Height (H)
(please include in your measurements 2cm on the top & 2cm on each side – this is for the stitched velcro strip that attaches the screen to your door frame)

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27 reviews for Magnetic Fly Screen Door | Magnetic Door Screen

  1. Greg Cowie

    Product looks and works great….may thanks Greg

  2. Angela LNA Events

    ………we really love the screens.

  3. Anders Aaberg

    we received the package today. Exceptional service and the screens look great.

  4. Pandu Panja

    Received the fly screen door and it went up easily and worked a treat, only problem was we left a puppy unattended and they shredded the door, but would still buy again as it worked perfectly on our back door

  5. Harsh Nandi

    I have purchased over 8 of these from different companies and none compare to your product. So glad I found your website

  6. Shudraka Punja

    Fabulous, great service … the product is wonderful. Thank you

  7. Gopal Badakar

    Great and easy to put up. Will be ordering another one for the door upstairs

  8. Patanjali Mandalik

    Hi Folks,

    it was delivered yesterday, we put it up and couldn’t be happier, it went up really easy (we had it a bit tight initially & the magnets wouldn’t meet, easily fixed, just repositioned the tape quickly & loosened it a little) and works a treat.

    Thanks again. . .

  9. Jatayu Muzumdar

    Extremely happy with the fast and professional service. The door screen arrived and is just as good as I expected. Thanks again

  10. Arjuna Mahanta

    Very happy with this product. Does the job keeping the flies out. Would purchase again

  11. Rahul Tavade

    Excellent product, worth the extra money compared with the cheaper versions. So easy to install. Have just ordered a second one!

  12. Venkata Haldar

    Product is great. We use it as a dog door do he can come and go, but the flies stay out.

  13. Navin Limbu

    Great quality….cheaper ones I have purchased fell apart within weeks but this is obviously better quality &design .very happy &will purchase again.

  14. RajeSarasvati Ayyangar

    We used this to customise a fly screen to fit the back of our car before our road trip. Finally we can keep the back doors open without being attacked!

  15. Uma Thakore

    Very happy with the screen, does a good job of keeping the flies and bugs out

  16. Kannagi P

    Very happy with my new screen. Very easy to install and looks great.

  17. Siddhi Badakar

    Easy to install and only took 2mins to teach our dog to come through

  18. Tivra Sanyal

    An excellent screen door. I have had a previous screen door but the quality and ease of installation was far inferior. I would be happy to recommend your product to my friends

  19. Nakula Chadda

    Fantastic product. Very easy to install. We use this door screen as a doggie door on our stacker doors. Very happy.

  20. Anil Vadekar

    The bifold doors screen works really well.

  21. Navneet Dattachaudhuri

    The custom size fits perfectly on our huge sliding double-doors. Works well and at a very reasonable price. Excellent purchase. My wife and puppies are very pleased! Which, of course, pleases *me* 🙂

  22. Ruldu Chetti

    The screen is much better than our previous cheapie from a hardware store. It seems well made and closes without the gaps we had before. I like that we could purchase a longer model because our door is taller than usual.

  23. Gopal Ranganekary

    A bit flimsy and a little fiddley to install on sliding doors. However, works like a charm and at that price would happily buy another if I needed a replacement.

  24. Vinay Bajpai

    Product is very good quality.fitted nicely to my door.

  25. Vinod Sirasikar

    Bought screen door for our Aliner camper. Got the 70cm wide one and it is a near perfect size. Good strong velcro tape which is supplied and fits around the whole door opening. Worth the money as it is much better quality than the ones from the shops. Very happy with it.

  26. Navin Holkar

    Love the product. I have one on my regular back door that works better than I expected, even with a strong breeze blowing. The stand out though is I bought 4 x 1m screens and joined them together to cover a 4m wide opening for my glass concertina doors. Absolutely fabulous.

  27. DEV P.


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